Frequently Asked Questions for Rossanna

At what age can children start learning to sew?
I offer sewing lessons for children as young as seven years old.

Can parents stay in the classroom?
We don't have enough space, and kids act differently when their parents are present. Fabric stores are pleasant places to relax and shop and parents can be close-by.

How many students are in each sewing class?
A maximum of six because of space. If you have a big house and want to host your own lessons I am happy to teach as many as eight people.

Can our scout troope sign up to complete a badge?
Yes! I have taught many scout troopes different projects to comply with badge requirements, even how to sew on badges.

What types of supplies will I need to bring to class?

There may be other items needed for specific classes,
but in general here's what you need:
a tape measure
a pair of good, sharp fabric scissors
Gutermann thread
glass-headed pins (you can't iron on top of the plastic heads)
a magnetic pin cushion
a new seam ripper (if it's too old it won't work well)
a seam gauge
and a marking device (chalk or fabric marker)

Do I need to bring my own sewing machine?
Fabric Land offers sewing machines for classroom use at no charge.
Piecemakers rents sewing machines for classroom use at reasonable rates.

Does everyone in class work on the same project?
No, each student works on the project of their choice. We can pick a
project together geared to your skill level.

Do dogs like to wear red jackets?
They do if the jacket is made with love, a white collar and gold buttons.