Notes of appreciation:

Dear Ross Anna
Just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned so much! Your patience was much appreciated. I know Lisa really enjoyed the class too. She kept whispering to me that she loved you. Jessica is thrilled and can't wait for another class.
Yvette Davis

Ross Anna,
I just wanted to say thank you to Ross Anna for the class today. I got so much out of it and I can't wait till next time.... I think next time my daughter will come too... And I told another friend so hopefully she will come too.
Thanks again Fabric land, love you ladies! :)

Five star review! I took a private class with Ross Anna and let me tell you she knows what's up! She taught me all super secret sewing tricks and had some great stories. She was very patient, and her explanations were clear. I forgot to bring a pattern..(oops!) but no fear! Ross Anna showed me how to make one! BAMB! problem solved! At the end of my 2 hour session I had not finished making my apron but she was kind enough to let me finish while she got the next class started. Great price ($40 per hour minimum of 2 hours) and I will be booking another class with her very soon!
Kady from Tarzana, CA

Ross Anna,
Thank you for being such a wonderful sewing teacher. I enjoy classes so much and I am continually amazed by your knowledge and ability to teach sewing at all different levels at once! You have made sewing such a joy and challenge.
Carol H.

Ross Anna,
I enjoyed very much our session together this morning, I felt that your detailed instruction and patience with me was tailored to my personality. And most of all your teaching technique was perfect for my skill level. Thank you again for your personal attention it was just what I needed!!
Sheila Godinez

Dear Ross Anna,
The first moments on
The first day, in sewing class, Ross Anna was by far the most calmly composed, full of gracious humor, contagious encouragement and spewing of   kindness person to have ever initially worked with my high-functioning autistic grandson, Bubs. Those words about her are what I texted to my son   (Bubs' dad) while I observed her pleasantly floating around the room carefully attending to each eager student and the details of his/her projects making each one feel like she was there just for him/her.
A Pleased Parent

Dear Ross Anna,
I have been taking instruction from Ross Anna for over a year. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and very patient. Any question has been thoroughly answered. We have made some beautiful articles of clothing as well as accessories, and she has frequently had a suggestion that makes them just more wonderful I would recommend her classes to anyone interested in sewing. Her designs are also beautiful. Her attention to detail is amazing. I'll be working with her for the foreseeable future.
Mary D

About Ross Anna

Your Sewing Instructor:

Ross Anna has been creating and constructing quality garments for over 35 years! You could say that her sewing career began as a little girl, watching her mother sew. By the time she was 15 years old, Ross Anna was sewing for other people.

Educated at Brooks Fashion College in Long Beach, Ross Anna mastered the complex art of draping and flat pattern making before venturing out into the fashion industry.

Her well-rounded career in fashion design began with work as a sample maker. Working her way up the ladder, Ross Anna became the sample room manager for a men's shirt company, then the pattern maker. Eventually, she developed her first line of clothing called Every Wear, which was sold throughout California.

Ross Anna also spent time working at Nordstroms where she was part of the team that developed their private label program. She also worked in the fashion office, preparing for industry trade shows as well as private trade shows featuring known designers. She created her own line of authentic renaissance costumes sold throughout the west coast.

In recent years, Ross Anna has been passing on her skills and her passion for fashion to a new generation of sewers and designers, through public and private lessons as well as group activities.

Ross Anna's passion is helping new designers develop their own fashion labels.

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