Sewing Lessons 714-376-2648

Everyone has good dreams
when sleeping on a pillowcase
their mom made!

Sewing Lessons 714-376-2648

Pretty fashion for cooking.

Sewing Lessons 714-376-2648
Boys make great sewers!


Sewing is fun and easy once you know how!

Lessons for the adults and kids, beginners as well as advanced sewing students are available. Enjoy the creative energy in our daily group lessons. Learn how to make unique and attractive clothes that are fitted exactly for you! Pattern making and fabric draping lessons are available for experienced sewers. Decorate your home with designer window treatments, pillows, throws, bedding, cushions and more!

Learn to use a sewing machine.
Get to know sewing terms and techniques.
Enjoy the creativity of a personalized sewing project.

Sewing Lessons 714-376-2648
Sewing is a hobby that the whole family can share.

Sewing Lessons 714-376-2648
Sisters with hobbies in common - traveling and sewing!

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